Car Insurance

Optimal security for you and your vehicle

Do you only require the basic services of third-party liability and accidental damage insurance, or would you also like to take advantage of valuable supplementary benefits? Choose your insurance cover to increase your financial protection.

Third-party liability insurance

In the event of a claim, obligatory third-party liability insurance provides insurance cover up to a value of CHF 100 million for damage caused by your vehicle to others.

Accidental damage insurance

Accidental damage insurance covers the costs of bodywork repair to your vehicle. Unlike third-party liability insurance, accidental damage insurance is voluntary. It provides added financial protection. We distinguish between two types of accidental damage insurance – full (Volkasko,Casco complete) and partial (Teilkasko, Casco partielle)

  • Partial accidental damage cover
    This insurance covers you for example against fire damage, theft, glass breakages, damage caused by martens, vandalism and natural hazards such as landslides, avalanches, snow pressure, storms, hail, inundation, rockfalls and flooding.
  • Full accidental damage cover
    In addition to the eventualities listed under partial accidental damage cover, your vehicle is also insured against collision.


Who is insured?

The insurance covers drivers, vehicle holders and passengers under the terms of the insurance policy.

Where does the insurance cover apply?

All insurance products (third-party liability, accidental damage, passenger protection and assistance) are valid in the following countries: Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein, all EU/EEA countries, Andorra and Croatia. For trips to countries within Europe that are not members of the EU/EEA, you require a green card

For what period is the insurance cover valid?

The policy is valid from the date specified in the insurance contract, but not before the date on which the vehicle was registered with the road traffic office. The insurance contract is renewed each year automatically for the period of one year unless terminated by one of the parties at least three months prior to the expiry date.

What is covered by parking damage?

Parking damage occurs when you discover that your parked car has been damaged and the causer cannot be found. If you damage your car while parking, this is not parking damage, but is comprehensive accidental damage.

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